Derby Gold offers the best premium equine bedding available. All of our products are 100% pure pine, processed, packaged and shipped directly from our Central Florida mill.

"We produce a soft flake in a good, tight bag with a high rate of expansion. We’ve built this business by standing behind every bag we make."
Eddie Hodge, Owner

Derby Gold’s ultra-compressed Premium Flake is packaged by computerized, automatic baggers that ram 11 cubic feet of loose product into a sturdy, industry-standard 2.8 cubic feet bag. When opened, the shavings expand to more than 8.0 cubic feet. A bag of manufactured shavings — properly dried and screened — will weigh about 20 pounds, yet yield the high rate of expansion for which Derby Gold is known.

First, we carefully shave harvested pine from planted timberland owned or managed by Derby Gold’s Hodge family owners. This assures and guarantees a continuous supply of select logs to be manufactured into soft curls. These are then conveyed through the first phase of our customized Multi-Screen process. Derby Gold’s triple-pass kiln dryer removes moisture to preferred levels (about 12%). This eliminates harmful bacteria, while maintaining soft bedding qualities, perfect for keeping your animals healthy and comfortable.

A final screening renders the bedding virtually dust-free. Derby Gold products are immediately compressed into sturdy, UVI-treated poly, 100% recyclable bags. Each bag is hand-stacked and palletized with shrink wrap to retain its firmness. We freight daily from the docks of our expansive storage facility.

At Derby Gold, we maintain quality control from seedling to the stall.


We currently offer three different pine shavings products:

A pleasantly fragrant and absorbent cushion widely used by owners and trainers of high-performance horses.

  • Soft Pine Flakes
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Superior Cushion
  • Pine Fragrance
  • Dust-free
  • Kiln-dried
  • Spreads Easily
  • Excellent Absorption
  • Fluffs When Picked
  • Show Quality

Packaged Premium Flakes Compress to 2.8 Cu. Ft. and Expand to 8.0+ Cu. Ft.


Our blended bedding combines the comfort of our premium flakes with the absorbent qualities of our fine bedding. Our blended bedding is the choice of horse owners and trainers who prefer multifunctional and attractive bedding for their stalls.

  • Picks Easily
  • Biodegradable
  • Minimal Dust
  • More Economical
  • Attractive Pine Scent
  • Fluffs When Picked
  • Kiln-dried Pine
  • Accelerated Absorption

Packaged Blended Bedding Compresses to 2.8 Cu. Ft. and Expands to 6 Cu. Ft.


Our fine bedding is best known for its excellent absorption, low dust and economical qualities. Our fine bedding is widely used by horse breeders throughout the Southeast.
  • Super Absorbent
  • Kiln-dried
  • Easy-to-pick
  • Spreads Rapidly
  • Breeder Quality
  • Milled Pine Kurf
  • No Moisture
  • Hygienic
  • Great As Flake Foundation
  • Most Economical

Packaged Fine Bedding Compresses to 2.8 Cu. Ft. and Expands to 5.5 Cu. Ft.


Derby Gold Plant